Meet Helen Lavette

Helen Lavette is passionate about helping her client’s achieve their skin care and beauty goals. As a trained makeup artist and licensed esthetician, Helen is committed to providing quality cosmetic skin care and beauty services with proper education and understanding. Studio Huex was created in an effort to truly personalize the skin care experience, while providing resources for clients to learn about skin science and how lifestyle, nutrition, and many other factors contribute to the health and wellness of a beautiful complexion.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Bethune-Cookman University, Helen began her career as a science teacher and quickly learned the power of education and her passion for educating.  While always having a high interest in makeup and cosmetics, Helen attended and successfully completed the CARA Cosmetics International cosmetic course, and later went on to attend Elise Esthetics Institute where she became a licensed esthetician. Wanting to further her knowledge and solidify herself as an expert in her field, Helen is currently in pursuit of her Masters in Cosmetic Science and Chemistry from the University of Cincinnati.

Combining experience, passion and continued education into a signature skin care philosophy, Helen Lavette believes every face has a beautiful story to tell.  

“At Studio Huex, we bring out your story with our skilled & professional services. Your face is our canvas”

As you walk into Studio Huex, you may arrive a customer but you will leave as a client. Every day is a new opportunity for Helen to impact and empower her clients through her services.  Being able to help her clients not only look good but also feel good so they can pursue their purpose in life is what keeps Helen inspired!