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Love the skin you're in
The skin is a very complex organ. Our skin is the LARGEST organ in the body and serves as a barrier for protection against various elements. Skin layers, nerves, cellular functions, hair follicles, and glands all work together to regulate and protect the body. Our skin contains thousands of tiny pores and hair follicles and
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Our skin is our bodies first line of defense. We often comprise this protection when we use the wrong products and strip away what’s called our acid mantle. Protect your skin! Knowing and understanding your skin type and the type of products to use will help you to avoid degrading the acid mantle. Beautiful glowing
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Glowing skin is healthy skin. Often times during the summer months our skin gets neglected, or not properly protected from the sun. Your are probrobaly thinking to yourself, ” Well I put on sunscreen and I mosturize daily”, however that may not be enough to continously stimulate healthy cell growth and proect your skin from
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As a beginner to makeup, sometimes it can become overwhelming trying to figure out best practices. Here are 9 basic makeup tips to help you get started on our journey into the beautiful world of makeup. Always start with a clean face. Prep the skin by cleansing it and removing any dirt and old makeup.