Microblading is a semi-permanent pigmentation process that uses several tiny blades to give definition to a person’s brow. Microblading is applied to the epidermis, a layer of skin closer to the surface which is why it is only deemed semi permanent and fades away after awhile. This hair strokes are more natural, fine, and feathered. This pigments are matched specifically to each person’s skin and brow color. People who have thinning eyebrows, patches of undergrowth or overgrowth, or even people suffering from skin conditions such as alopecia will greatly benefit from this great procedure.

Pros of getting it done: Everyone appreciates a great brow! When it comes to your face, it’s all about the details. Beautiful eyebrows can be as dramatic and as beautiful lashes as a pair of lashes and can really bring attention to the eyes and face. Unfortunately, most people aren’t blessed with beautiful natural brows that are shaped the way they would like. So Microblading makes it possible to give clients the brows they always wished for, whether it’s simply improving good brows or completely making over sad ones.

Timeline:  An initial session will typically last around 120 minutes. It is extremely important in order to discuss goals and expectations during the consultation at the beginning of the session. The actual microblading takes about one hour. After the initial sessions, a six-week follow-up where a touch up may be necessary is required. There really is no “downtime” after microblading; however, brows will appear darker for the first week and it may take up to two weeks for the brows to fully heal.